Is goon (box wine) made from fish eggs?
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Does goon (box wine) actually contain fish eggs?

I have been in Australia for a while now and everyone has been telling me that goon (box wine) is made of fish eggs.

What is the truth to this? My current goon says that fish, eggs and dairy products are used in the production of it. I have heard from some sources that is used as a "finishing agent", what ever that means.

Can some one shed some light on fish eggs and goon?
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Response by poster: mmm, and i red this article on the matter if it helps.

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Response by poster: oh terrible spelling...damn goon....
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Response by poster: ...This article....
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They're talking about isinglass. Rarely used in commercial winemaking these days, but still quite common in home-brew circles.
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Isinglass is more commonly used in beer production, as discussed previously.
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Upgrade your goon to châteaux cardboard (2 litre) and you should be free of that protein source.
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