Why won't my iPod sync?
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Why won't my iPod sync? 5th generation 60GB, Leopard 7.5.2, iTunes 7.6.2. Sync begins normally and hangs after a few minutes.

I have a 5th generation iPod, 60 gb. I'm running Leopard 7.5.2 and iTunes 7.6.2 on a Mac Mini. My iTunes library is stored on an external HD. This is the first time I've tried to sync my iPod to this computer. I've restored the iPod to factory settings and updated all software. iTunes plays normally from the computer and all other software seems to be operating normally. The iPod shows enough free space to store the playlists I've checked. When I plug the iPod in to sync, it starts to sync and then hangs before the sync is complete (after 1 - 10 minutes.) iTunes freezes (spinning beachball) until I unplug the iPod, at which point it tells me I've removed a device improperly, but then I can quit normally out of iTunes. What's going on?
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That happened to me just last week (only with an iPod Classic)--turned out the hard drive (or whatever) had died. I'm getting a replacement shipped to me. One word of advice--maybe call their phone tech support (1-800-my-apple) and have them try to walk you through some fixes. I sent mine to be repaired, was told it was fine, and it still wouldn't sync when I got it back. But when I spoke to an actual person on the phone and went through all the attempted fixes, she realized it was indeed broken and arranged for me to get a replacement.

My iPod was still under warranty--I'm sure that helped my case.
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Make sure that your iPod is plugged directly into a USB port on your computer. If you plug it into an unpowered hub or your keyboard, it might have a flaky connection.
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I had this problem when I was syncing my address book as well as music. Something in one of the addresses/contacts was causing the sync to freeze. When I went to syncing music only, it was fine.
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