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What would be some good practical web resources for college students?

My university pretty much has the course resource and website thing covered, but I would like to implement a section on practical information pertaining to the college student. Some resources I think would be helpful are cheap and good places to eat out, professor reviews, course strategies, a textbook marketplace, and a forum for general discussion.

Do you have any ideas I could implement?
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These are just off the top of my head: skype for low cost calls home, online phone reminder services ( ohdontforget, etc) to make classes on time, stress and mental health resources, location and times of the local post office, hotels and rates for visiting parents.
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I think that you should set up a Wiki for this sort of information and let college students access it and edit it themselves. My graduate program set up such a Wiki for incoming students and it has been an invaluable source of information for good courses to take, profiles of professors, good books to buy etc. And the best part is that once you set it up and drum up some enthusiasm for it, it pretty much takes care of itself.
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I think developing a wiki for your major/classes would be invaluable. It seems like the other information is probably available somewhere else. A list/breakdown of good places to study is handy to have, and might be worth doing, but could just be a thread in your forums or a page on your wiki.

Restaurant Reviews: Yelp

Professor Reviews: RateMyProfessors
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DailyJolt was a resource I used while in college (awhile back). You could look at it as an example. Brown (not my particular school, but a good example) is one of the founding schools so likely has one of the more used dailyjolt sites.
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I used to run a site called College v2 (I sold it, but attest the archives are good)
A friend of mine also runs HackCollege
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