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I stopped 3/4 of the way through my degree. I'd like to get the piece of paper, but I don't necessarily want to study on campus or with that Australian university.

I was bored with its syllabus difficulty (not it's content: web, video and graphic design) and decided to see if I could make it in the real world. I've since been working in the industry for 4 years with some success. I thought it was time that I made another change so I quit my job, traveled remote parts of SE Asia without dying OR contracting horrible diseases. I came back refreshed and got straight into freelancing. Still haven't quite mastered all the ins and outs, but the freedom of waking up and starting work in pajamas is something else.

Now that I have the opportunity, I'd like to finish a similar degree with a respected Australian institution who is well known for its creative graduates. I can't study on campus, so I'd need to apply for some form of distance ed. I'm not sure how all of this works - any recommendations much appreciated.
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CQU gives great credit, does distance education, but the complexity is minimal. Graduate outcomes (employment etc) are good.
USQ does distance ed in IT, can't speak for level of complexity.
QANTM is highly regarded but I'm not sure about the distance bit.

Try QTAC and associated Tertiary admissions centres to search for distance education.

Do be aware that changing universities may well mean you get less credit than 1/2 of what you've studied for. This may be because your courses don't align with your new program or simple because of the university's policy. Also, there's a limit of ten years on previous study. For some hard arse uni's that means if you last studied in 2001, you'd better get your degree by 2011, otherwise you won't get credit for those courses.

I recommend you find the easiest place to finish your degree - email preferred distance education providers with your transcript and ask what they will give credit for - get your degree and then, go and get your education by doing industry specific short courses with IT specialists. Also, remember when doing a course, you don't need to do the minimum requirements. Use the course as a springboard to try to find out as much about the topic as possible. The maximum you can get is 100%, but there's no limit to the education you can take responsibility for.
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Response by poster: Only 1/2 credit? Jeesh! Makes the whole process sound a little counter intuitive. Maybe I might be best off with staying on in my current uni. I've started tracking down some of your suggestions already.

I'd still like to know some well renowned Australian universities in visual media or web design/development.
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I'm not sure if QUT provides distance education for their Creative Industries subjects specifically, but they are developing that faculty and to my experience they accept full credits.
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