Best TV Series Blog?
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What is the best blog or site on TV Series to find the latest news on things like new season start date, ending of series etc. I'm looking for news on Lost, Grace Anatomy, Desperate Housewives etc (you know, the popular stuff).
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Response by poster: Obviously I mean Grey's Anatomy...
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Television Without Pity (especially the forums)

TV Guide (especially News + Views)
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Seconding Television Without Pity.
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Second TV Squad.
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Wikipedia is what I use to find that info
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I prefer the more newspaper-based blogs to TWOP and TV Squad. It sounds counter-intuitive, but they have a less corporate, more personal feel, but still have all the facts you'll be looking for.

Alan Sepinwall reports on this stuff for the All TV blog on the NJ Star Ledger. He goes further into depth on his personal blog. (The upfronts for this fall have been happening this week, so the info is fresh).

Mo Ryan does the same on her TV blog for the Chicago Tribune. Love her epic long interviews the best, but she reports on the TV news as well.
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I always use Wikipedia or
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The Futon Critic - (2nd day in a row I've recommended it) They have a section called When Does (Insert Show) Come Back? The articles are not bad either.

Also, TV Rage for listings of more series than you thought possible, easier to look up and much faster loading for me than
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TvTattle is good for TV related news.

If you're looking for specific dates and episode information, Wikipedia usually does a very good job at that sort of thing.
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For Lost, I totally recommend Sledgeweb's Lost...Stuff.
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I'm surprised no one has reccommended LostPedia yet (obviously, only helpful for Lost info).

A good Grey's site, though not for info exactly like what you ask, is, the blog of the producers & writers of the show. They post fairly soon after each episode to tell you what went into each episode, and sometimes respond to fan comments.
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