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Whats that song? In an advertisement featuring the Concorde, showing it taking off (in slow motion with heat fumes rising in the foreground), the ad played in the early 1990s, and the song went "(something) (something) with Jesus... the great (something) in the sky" and there was cowbell. (It sounds like ELO to me but I cant find or name the song).

Thanks, Borg-mind ;)
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Best answer: This?
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Response by poster: Yes! Haha! perfect, thank you. ;)
(great song).
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Response by poster: (I knew someone would get it right away) ;)
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since the answer happened so quickly, i thought you might like to hear a funny story...

it's written by norman greenbaum, a jew. he was watching tv and a gospel singer came on and he thought, huh - i can do that. so he wrote a jesus song. he freely admits he just wanted to reach a larger audience.

also, according to wikipedia, it was on the list of songs deemed inappropriate following the september 11 attacks by clear channel.
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Response by poster: hey nadawi,
yes, I just read the wikipedia entry and visited his website too. pretty funny ;) According to the new york times interview in 2006 with him, apparently he's able to live off of the royalties from this one hit that he had.
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I always liked the Dr. and The Medics version better, but that's because I came of age in the 80's, and thus have no taste.
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I came of age in the 80's, and thus have no taste.

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Holy crap. Don't miss the talking norman page.
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