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I used to use a program called DU Super Controler to limit bandwidth to World of Warcraft and keep it from crashing my DSL modem. This doesn't appear to work with Vista. What will?

Whenever World of Warcraft patches it crashes Speedstream modems. The only way I was able to get up and running before was using this program to limit bandwidth to WoW.

Also, one of the stock answers I keep seeing on the forums is to disable checksum offloading and changing duplex settings but I don't see those options available anywhere and the directions don't seem to acknowledge Vista.
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I've not used that program before but I can recommend a couple alternative options.

a) Download patches via HTTP and not with Blizzard Downloader. Try here for starters.
b) The Blizzard Downloader uses bittorrent technology. You can use WoW Torrent Extractor to extract the .torrent file from the downloader exe, and then use an alternate Bittorrent client like uTorrent which supports upload and download rate limiting.
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Are you by any chance using a Speedstream 5250/51/60? That line of dsl modems is pretty antique and was phased out by my DSL provider (Speakeasy) many years ago. A newer modem might be an easier fix.
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