Paypal alternatives
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What are the best paypal alternatives? For setting up a many to many payment system?

services like: or amazon payment gateway? the simpler the better.
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What are your requirements? No other service offers the exact same set of features as PayPal. Which features are the ones that are important to you? The two services you link to are for businesses selling product on their web sites (and the first seems to be a regular merchant account for accepting credit cards) -- is that the type of thing you're looking for.
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Response by poster: bill me later is another in the category
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Best answer: Try looking up RME, revolution money exchange.
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Google Checkout for some things.
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Response by poster: thanks holy foxy - i think i had seen RME - is obviously dealing with this issue, and a what an issue it is - with fraud and charge backs - but it looks like RME has taken a run at solving the issue. cool stuff. thank you.
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ProPay - been around a long time. Solid reputation.
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I believe Revolution Money has a thing going on now where if you sign up for an account you get $25. They're trying to position themselves as a competitor to PayPal by not having all the transaction fees that PP does. If memory serves, however, the $25 promo ends today.
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