Why does Firefox hate hearts?
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Firefox refuses to show the heart symbol (♥) correctly. It shows up as a straight, vertical line instead. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Whenever I'm browsing Facebook (or other websites that use the ♥ symbol, but it most frequently appears on Facebook), Firefox refuses to display the symbol correctly. It works fine in Safari. I have a Macbook with OSX 10.5, and Firefox (should be the most recent version -- I just updated today). Is there anything I can do to make this character display properly? Its a minor annoyance, and I have at times debated whether I really want to see ♥s wherever one chooses to put them, but I figure its better than seeing a screen full of lines.

My friend also has a MacBook, using the same version of Firefox, and also has this problem. What gives?
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Change your default font?
posted by Class Goat at 12:14 AM on May 13, 2008

Same here actually - and I've never touched my default font, so how would it have changed?
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I'm on a Mac running the Firefox 3 beta, and the heart shows up fine.
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I see the heart symbol correctly in Firefox (Linux though).
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The few times I've looked, it's been due to cutting & pasting the ♥ symbol from Word / Character Map / etc, rather than using the proper HTML entity ♥
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And preview strikes again - the last one should be the ampersand symbol, followed by hearts; ...)
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Well I definitely have the same problem on mac/firefox. Don't have it on safari, or win/firefox.

Interesting, if I "view source" of this page, the heart shows up just great.
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Shows up fine for me in on WinXP. Maybe its a Mac Fonts thing, do you know what your default font is?
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Best answer: Change all your default fonts for the Japanese character set to 'Osaka'. I have no idea why this works.

For me this is Preferences: Content: Advanced: Fonts for [Japanese from the drop-down menu].

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It looks fine to me in firefox

My default font is Times New Roman.
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I had the same problem until I started using the Firefox nightly builds. I'm not sure it'd be worth it to use those just so you can see the heart symbol correctly, since instead you'll get to deal with all kinds of fun, new problems (like right now, searching a page's text doesn't work at all, and hasn't for the past couple builds).
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on my OSX 10.4.11-running MBP, I looked at this page in multiple browsers, (logged in and out). Login status had no effect so I've ignored those results.

Safari 3: heart symbol shows up fine.
Opera 9.27: heart symbol shows up fine.
FireFox 2.0.0.something: vertical lines (pikes, I believe they're called)
Camino 1.6 (same rendering engine as FF2): vertical lines (same as FF2)
FireFox 3 Beta: heart symbol shows up fine.

my guess is it's a known issue that will be addressed when FF3 is released.
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Looks fine to me too, same setup as missmagenta.
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This is a very old bug with an ugly history. It is corrected by Cairo (Firefox 3.0).

If you are interested, the full details are on the Bugzilla page for 212745
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Oh yeah, and Lebannen has the best workaround until you get the new release.
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Thanks Lebannen (and elisabethjw!) - that fix worked. I've been wondering about this for ages.
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I | Lebannen's advice.
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