CSS issues with IE
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CSS issues with IE. I'm working on a draft for my new photoblog and IE seems to be rendering part of it about 2 pixels off, but I cannot figure out quite why. Here's the page in question. It shows up fine in Mozilla, but in IE the logo and unordered list menu on the right are pushed to the right about 2 pixels, running over the border. I thought I just needed to use the "box model hack," but when I tried that it didn't work. Any tips?

Also: Before anyone starts in with "gee this looks familiar..." I do freely admit the initial code and stylesheet are from Matt Haughey's Ten Years of My Life - This is just a draft at this point and I'm still playing with it to tweak it and make it my own. (Just trying to head off any accusations of design stealing, cuz I know many folks are sensitive about that. I'm just using this as a starting place for now. Hope that's ok.)
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By the way, css-discuss is an outstanding resource for questions of this type.
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More alternatives here if Holly Hack doesn't solve it.
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Response by poster: Ahhh, ok. When I first read your links I thought that couldn't be it because nothing's "floated." But then I remembered there had been a "height" declaration on the container div that I'd deleted because it didn't seem necessary. I put it back and now it works again.

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