What alternatives are there to Outlook for email?
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Reborn Firefox user looking for e-mail advice. (mi)

I have gone off MS IE, switching to Firefox. It's now time to do the same for Microsoft Outlook, methinks, so I'm looking for a free mail program with tasks, calendar, contacts, etc. (basically, MS Outlook done good). Only one problem: I need to be able to migrate my almost 1000 contacts, more than 6000 e-mails etc. to the new program (with attachments, date stamps and everything). Hope me?
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Most email clients don't provide todo, calendar, or strong contact features, and most PIMs don't have useful email handling. Outlook is kind of a compromise between the two. If you want something decent, you'll probably be looking at two new pieces of software: a decent mail reader (Thunderbird's okay, but take your pick; most should be able to raid your .PST file for migration) and a PIM (I use text files, so don't ask me about modern PIMs).
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I don't wish to sound snarky, but have you considered using Mozilla (browser, e-mail, address book, the whole schmear) rather than Firefox?
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Response by poster: I just switched from Mozilla to Firefox, which I like better. So two programs. No problem, but the question remains: which?
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I switched from outlook to gmail for my mail, I believe there are e-mail/address book importers out there..

For scheduling I've stuck with outlook as it syncs with my smartphone.
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As I understand it, you won't find One Program To Rule Them All.

You probably want Thunderbird for email and any of a few calendar add-ons for Firefox; I don't think there are any for Thunderbird.

real men use pine
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For calendaring, there's the Sunbird project.
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When I ditched Outlook for Thunderbird, I installed Palm Desktop to take care of scheduling. It's free and works well without a PDA. Thunderbird handles my email and contacts.
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Thunderbird has a calender (it may be an extension, I don't remember) and Firefox 1.0PR checks your email.
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I just did the Outlook to Thunderbird switch (two days ago...) and I wish I had done it sooner....I don't do scheduling at home...but the Sunbird solution looks good...
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btw - nice user name....
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