Where should we go?
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How and where to go for two weeks at the end of August?

Me and my friend John would like to take a two week vacation together in or about the last two weeks of August.

Some facts:
-we are both poor students
-I'll be studying the language of whatever place we choose in the coming months
-we don't need any fancy accomodations, shelters and hostels are fine
-beaches and warm/tropical places would be nice, but not necessary
-it's not necessary either, but it'd be nice to be able to score mushrooms/acid/weed while we were there since we both enjoy that
-we won't have money to buy plane tickets till july

We don't want to go to:
-Europe/Scandinavia/Canada, anywhere too cold
-places where the dollar will be especially weak compared to local currency

Places we would love to go:
-India (1st choice!!)
-Cheap parts of Asia (ie not Japan)
-South America

Basically the deciding factor is where we can get the cheapest plane tickets/accomodations.

So where would be the best place to go, and where can we get the cheapest plane tickets? Please tell us anything you think would be helpful!
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Uh.. what parts of Canada are cold in the summer? Not many, at least not anywhere you'd be likely to go.

Vancouver is spec-fucking-tacular in August. Sunny and gorgeous and mountains and forests and ocean and a bazillion beautiful people of whatever your preferred type.
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Bangladesh is cheap
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Europe/Scandinavia/Canada, anywhere too cold

That one boggles me. Cold? In August?

You don't say where you're from. Much of the Caribbean is cheap in the high summer, because it's "too hot" for tourist season (which starts in Nov/Dec). I've had great vacations during that time, where everything's about half the price it'll be in the winter. Since you seem to really want hot-hot-hot, maybe that's an option. People will look at you oddly when you want to go to Cancun, Cuba, Jamaica in August... but it'll be cheap and you may even have entire beaches to yourself. Fun.
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we are both poor students

How poor is poor? You're not getting to India for less than $1000 and if you're buying the tickets a month-ish before the flight, it's probably going to be a lot more than that. Most places Asia or Africa aren't going to be much cheaper.

As rokusan suggests, the Caribbean and Central America are pretty cheap in August. Belize is quite nice and has English as their official language.
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Nearly every place in India is ungodly hot in August. Seriously, think hard. 125 degrees F. No electricity. A billion people. Animals roaming the streets. Open sewers.

Nevertheless, India's lovely, I am sure you'll have a great time.
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Tickets to Argentina are about $500 and it's pretty cheap after you get there. Good wine, good food.
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Basically the deciding factor is where we can get the cheapest plane tickets/accomodations.

So... why don't you look this up?

India is very, very hot but amazing. You could easily spend two weeks in either Sikkim or on the other side of Nepal -- stunning mountains and not too hot.

How about Argentina? AFAIK, the currency has more or less followed the dollar, so shouldn't hurt too much.
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If you have no money, then Mexico is the obvious answer.

It meets all of your criteria, and will be cheap to fly into, but will be hella hot in August.

If you go off the beaten tourist track, Mexico has a real, vibrant and really interesting culture and the language is not too hard to learn either.
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us-brazil round trip in that time frame is $600-1000, depending where you're coming from in the us. the temperature will be warm but pleasant, and you can fulfill your, erm, recreational needs as well. argentina may be a better choice because it will save you each $100 in visa fees.

africa will run you $1000++ for airfare, and you will possibly run into issues getting visas in time (since you need the air ticket first, and most countries - though not S. Africa - require them). (Also, S. Africa is chiiillly in the winter).

the "cheap parts" of Asia (Thailand will be your best bet, price-wise - lots of flights, no visa) will also suit, but it will be hot, sticky, and frequently rainy at that time of year.
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