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How do I wipe every trace of Office from my OS X based Mac? [mi]

Somehow, my copy of Office has become riddled with Macro viruses - every time I open a document, I'm asked if I've wished Shankar a happy birthday. I've followed a number of online tutorials to rid myself of this problem, but it keeps coming back.

But today, my workplace provided me with a new copy of Office 2004. So, what I'd like to do is purge the system of everything related to Office X, and then install the latest version. Advice?
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Get Virex- remove the Macro virii. It should do that. In fact, if you buy a .mac account you get that for free

You might be able to scan for free here:

That's a beta. Try it, fix your machine.

Those Word Virii are in the stylesheets as macros. You could just (across the board) turn off macros.

Just some thoughts.
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Response by poster: That's the thing - I got one of these macro virus deals a while back, ran virex and turned off macros. Now I've ended up with a new and different Word virus.

Is there a specific place where Word stores these files? Virex can take a long time if I have it scan *everything*.
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I think just trashing:

Root/Applications/Microsfot Office X/Templates whould do it for you, but just in case, you might also want to trash:


root/Library/Preferences/Microsoft (if it exists)

Root/Applications/Microsoft Office X

There may be other places this stuff could hide, but that's where I'd start.
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Office may have deposited files in ~/Documents, and there will be a passel of Office-related files in ~/Library/Preferences (outside /Microsoft).

I've taken to saving all incoming files, and my own work, as RTFs. Not only does this protect me and everyone else against macro viruses (I think), it's a fixed, published format, and should be relatively future-proof. It would be a PITA to do this to all old files, but it's what I've been doing going forward for about a year.
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In a striking change, Office 2004 has an optional installer that offers to uninstall previous versions. I have not yet tested for thoroughness, but if you haven't tried it yet, that might be helpful.
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Response by poster: Thanks britain - after running Virex, which seemed to solve my problem with Office X, I installed Office 2004 and saw the uninstaller feature. It appears to have worked as advertised.

So all is well on my machine. Thanks all!
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