Popcorn in Edinburgh? Tell me where?
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This is a completely silly question, but: where the heck do I buy corn in Edinburgh? [mi]

I am currently located in Edinburgh (centre of the city), working at some venues for the duration of the festival. I and my coworker crave popcorn. We have a popcorn popper machine for our office. We, however, lack the corn.
We've been in a variety of grocery stores, and none sold corn. So where the hell can we get some? The closest to the Royal Mile / Princes St. general area, the better.
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Most full-sized British supermarkets sell corn, but it might be hard to find...
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Response by poster: Well we tried in Tesco and Sainsbury and there was none to find (yes, we asked salespeople)... which I personally find stupid. I want my popcorn!
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Definitely Holland And Barrett, at Edinburgh Rose St, Unit 3 Hanover Building, Rose Street. (Full address from their site). Bought some from my local H&B at the weekend.
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isn't there a health food kind of place up near that little square near the theatre(?) on (if i remember the stree name correctly) north street. up towards kalpna, but not that far. there are also some small grocery stores there you could check, too. assuming edinburgh hasn't changed in the last 7 or 8 years...
(wholefood/organic food places are what you need, i think).
off-licences often sold the uwave-able stuff.
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You might do better if you use the regional term, and certainly don't tell the employees that they're stupid for not using their shelf space for items that you want instead of what they've decided sells.
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what is the regional term?
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It's obviously possible to buy popcorn in Scotland. From the article, I infer that they call popcorn "popcorn."
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Sorry, sailoreagle - I meant that most supermarkets will probably have it, even if the minimum wage staff don't know where it is. That's my experience, anyway. Holland & Barrett is a good bet.
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I had the same problem, sailoreagle... the supermarkets only sell that microwaveable crap embedded in solid orange grease. I can't remember now where I finally found some, but I think it was a Margiotta's. There's one in the New Town on the 27 bus route (follow Hanover St away from Princes St), and others here and there around town.
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Response by poster: Found it at Holland & Barrett. Thank you all!
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You might do better if you use the regional term

If Pink Floyd is to believe it's:

Aye an' a bit of Mackeral settler rack and ruin
ran it doon by the haim, 'ma place
well I slapped me and I slapped it doon in the side
and I cried, cried, cried POPCORN.

Glad you were able to find it sailoreagle, how was it?
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m@, how the heck did you conceive that little bit of ditty rework? Talk about obscure!
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Response by poster: The popcorn? I just had some. Very, very good. Top office snack, if you ask me.
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FFF, everything (EVERYTHING) is in my head and it pops up at the most obscure and rarely opportune moments, too bad I can't index it like Ken Jennings.

The opening two lines of Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict and the last two lines

and the wind cried back.
Thank you.

are always in my head, I had to Google the rest.

Not entirely off topic because until the age of about 23 I thought Pict was some weird abbreviation of Picture but now I know that Picts probably couldn't find popcorn in Edinburgh either.

I'll quit abusing AskMefi now.
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