What's up with cookies under Safari?
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Anyone experienced cookie weirdness under Safari (using OS X 10.5 and most recent version of Safari)?

I recently decided to switch over from Camino to Safari, under OS X 10.5 with all the latest software updates installed. I've found that at seemingly random occasions, Safari seems to erase my cookie files. Well, not erase exactly, because the cookies are still there, but they no longer hold the info they used about my login info, or page prefs etc. It is set to accept cookies from sites I navigate to.

Any ideas why this is happening? I never had any issues under Camino, or earlier versions of Safari.
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Same problem here. I hope they fix it in 10.5.3. I chose to live with it, although I occasionally use Omniweb and iCab. It happens almost every time I restart Safari, which is about every other week.
posted by KimG at 9:59 AM on May 12, 2008

Same here; I hadn't noticed that the cookies were still present but empty - that's weird.
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This is a quite commonly reported bug, one of many in Leopard.
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Yeah, I've had it happen twice myself. Everything seems fine, then all the cookie data randomly vanishes.
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