What was the title of this book?
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Help me remember the title/plot of this (pre-?) teen fictional book.

All I remember about it is that it was about a family with multiple (15-20) children, all named alphabetically (older child's name began with an A, second oldest with a B, and so on), and their parents were expecting another child. I remember reading it when I was around 13, and all I can recall is that each kid had their own chapter. It was fictional.
Anyone got any idea?
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Best answer: Sounds like Ten Kids, No Pets...by Ann M Martin...or the sequel....Eleven Kids, One Summer

An episodic story uniting the big, alphabetically named family in Ten Kids, No Pets (1988) with the leads from Just a Summer Romance (1987). The Rossos are looking forward to their summer rental on Fire Island--a rambling old house on the beach. Abbie, the responsible eldest, is the focus of the first chapter as she worries about the complications of train travel with so many kids. In the ten subsequent chapters, each of the others takes center stage--little number ten, Janthina, gets a makeover on a movie set; solitary Calandra hopes and fears that the house next door is haunted; Ira seems to have Lyme disease, but quickly recovers; Faustine becomes a vegetarian and tries to convert her family--with the result that, though the chapters aren't independent stories, the characters perform so briefly that there's little chance to know them. Meanwhile, the hustle and bustle of a large family and its many interconnections are glimpsed but not really explored, despite an overabundance of details of daily life. The children do have walk-on roles in each other's stories, thus tidying up loose ends from their own. Easily read fare, sure to please fans of Martin's popular ``Babysitters'' books. (Fiction. 8-12) -- Copyright ©1991, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
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Response by poster: That's it, thanks so much!
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Fire Island, eh? More like ten pets, no kids, amirite?

Seriously though, I LOVED that book. There was a great synopsis of it over here at The Dairi Burger, which recaps Sweet Valley High books mostly, but also some other juvenile fiction in between.
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