Children's book about family of mice?
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What is the title of a children's book about a large family of mice, all of whose names are derived from numbers?

Sister's graduating from high school, so it's time to get sentimental. A book from her childhood has become a bit of the family lore, but we haven't seen a copy of it since the initial reading, borrowed in another state from a school library that was closed 10 years ago.

It's a picture book written in English; the pages are primarily illustrations with a little bit of text either on the page or on the facing page. Plot is unknown to me, but the main feature of the book is that the family of mice all have names derived from numbers. The one I remember is "Fifthmore" (or less likely "Sixthmore"; spelling is uncertain, so it could be spelled closer to "Fifthmour," as in "Seymour"). The book is probably American, though it could easily be from somewhere else.

Can't find much with google. Most common result under a variety of searches is "Ten Mice for Tet," and that isn't it.

Would love to find a copy of the book.
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Best answer: The Family Minus's Summer House? : harry minus and his numberous family of mice spend an enjoyable day in the country, picnicking, admiring the scenery, and putting up a portable tree house
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Durf. Link: AlLibris; Amazon.

(I think this book is also in my past, and seem to remember all the little mice wearing red or blue shirts with white numbers on them....)
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fwiw, the numberous family's children are Firsterix, Secondus, Thirdly, Fourthem, Fifthmore, Sixus, Sevenor, and Eightah.
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Response by poster: Wow that was fast. Now I remember hearing about Firsterix. Pictures online seem to be lacking, but there's one here
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Huh. Now I know where Onett, Twoson, Threed, and Fourside came from.
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