Best swimming and sunning beaches in Nova Scotia?
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I am taking a week's vacation to Nova Scotia this August and would love to rent a house and chill on the beach. But where are the best swimming beaches? More specifically, are there any on Cape Breton island?

Also, what about water temperature? I'm from Maine and my understanding is the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia is much warmer than the Gulf of Maine, and perhaps better suited for a beach vacation.
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I was raised in Port Hood, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, that small town boasts the warmest waters in Nova Scotia.

There are a few cabins and houses you can rent out there for a few days. No contact info however.

Also, Port Hood will offer you a very close, small town feel. Very relaxing. It's also only a few hours from Port Hawkesbury, a town with a Wal-Mart :)

If you end up checking that out, make sure to stop at the MacDonald's Ice Cream Barn and grab a cone on your way from the beach. There is only a few main roads, you'll catch it :)
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We worked for a few weeks in Ingonish about 10 years ago. It's on the Cabot Trail. It was in the spring and off season, but it seemed to be a tourist destination in the summer, especially Ingonish Beach. We stayed at the Knotty Pine Cottages. The view was incredible and the couple that owned them were very nice. The more expensive cottages were very nice and the others were just OK. I imagine they are still pretty good. I plan to go back there with my wife when we have the time.
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I'm sort of from Ingonish Beach. It's beautiful. But it's also freezing until July and even then my arms go numb from the cold after an hour in the water.
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I recommend the Northumberland Shore which is the part of NS that faces PEI, and is a little more sheltered. Even so, late July/August are the real swimming times, and as heffalump mentions, there is still the 'going numb' effect. But sometimes the days are really hot, which makes me love the cool water.
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Just thought I'd mention that Canadian Geographic travel magazine has a brief article touting the wonders of Black Brook Beach in Cape Breton.
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