Where can I buy caffeine-free Coca Cola in the UK?
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Where can I buy caffeine-free Coca Cola in the UK? Not the diet version. I've checked the supermarkets and it's not there :(
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You just have to look REALLY hard. Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury's don't carry it by me but my local corner store does. Here, specifically in case you're in London.
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How does one tell that it is caffeine free?
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How does one tell that it is caffeine free?

By looking at the can.
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It must be really quite rare; I've never once seen caffeine-free Coke in the UK.
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It must have got scarcer because I used to see it all the time in supermarkets?
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If you go to a local Co-op, ask nicely and pledge to buy at least a case of the stuff, the manager will order it in for you.
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They really don't market it well in the UK; articles I read indicated it isn't a big enough seller in the UK so they go with the diet caffeine-free Coke. I got so annoyed by that I just thought I would buy you a case online; then I couldn't find anyone who would ship it overseas!

So, I went to the UK Coke page, and asked where you can buy it over there, or where I can buy it online to have it shipped to you.

And they said...that they'd have an answer for me by three days from now.

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Just found this on the Coca Cola site:

Q. Will 'Coke' taste different if you take the caffeine away?I Can't tolerate caffeine so it makes me dizzy when i drink anything with caf so i only do 'Sprite'.any substitutes as i love 'coke'!?

A. Small amounts of caffeine have been used in some soft drinks for over a century. Like other foods and drinks, the combination and amount of ingredients give soft drinks their unique flavour and taste. Caffeine contributes to the overall flavour of some soft drinks, adding a slightly bitter taste and working together well with both sugar and low-calorie sweeteners to provide an overall enjoyable flavour. Whilst we do not manufacture caffeine-free ‘Coca-Cola’ in Great Britain, we do make caffeine-free ‘diet Coke’ which you might like to try.


So they don't make it in the UK!
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Ah yes, I buy caffeine free diet coke. Sorry to get your hopes up!
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