A comfortable & storable reading chair?
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A comfortable & storable reading chair?

I live in a small 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago. ~85% of the time it is just me and I would like to get a good chair for reading for my second bedroom (something like this). The problem is that the other 15% of the time I have guests staying with me & a chair would only get in the way.

Anyone have any solutions?
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Bean bag chair? It's quite malleable, and you can stuff it in a closet or something when you don't need it. Also possibly one of the most comfortable things ever.
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I can't think of a folding chair solution for you, but my favorite reading chair is the Ikea Poang. It's a lot smaller than the stuffed chair you linked to, so it might conceivably fit in your occupied guest room.

Another alternative, though I don't know how comfortable they are, would be an inflatable chair.
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I got a Poang myself and recommend it heartily. It does get in the way a little bit, but it's easy enough to just shove it into a corner or behind my sofa when that happens.
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How about a camp chair with built-in footrest? When your guests arrive, fold it up and stow it in the corner of a closet or behind a door.
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These LaFuma recliners are quite comfortable. They tilt to all angles and support your full body. I know many people who have gotten them as reading chairs who have no need for a folding chair at all.
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I have a Poang, too, and recommend it. It doesn't fold, but weighs next to nothing and can be easily tossed into another room.

Camp chairs are supremely comfortable. However, if your apartment gets hot in the summer, the backs of your legs will get really sweaty. They also leave something to be desired aesthetically, but you could always make a slipcover.
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N'thing the Poang. I've had one for 9 years and it's still comfortable after reasonably heavy use. I find this impressive considering I weigh around 195 lbs. It's especially good for reading if you get the ottoman.
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Nthing the LaFuma. I've got one in my living room.
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Nothing I've had beats the Poang. I can spend hours in that chair.
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What about something like this?
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