Why is my WordPress 404.php not working?
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Why is my WordPress 404.php not working? If I try to visit a non-existent page, instead of getting the 404 page it gives me a page with all my static pages concatenated.

The actual blog is at http://www.theatresmash.com.

If you try going to http://www.theatresmash.com/notarealpage, you'll see the incorrect result.

I have a 404.php file defined in my theme. Deleting the 404.php file makes no difference (i.e. no default server 404 error message).

I'm running WordPress 2.51, hosted on DreamHost. I have another blog on the same host with the same WP version, and its 404 page works just fine.
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Do the .htaccess files in each blog look the same?
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Best answer: Check your Front Page Display (under Settings, Reading). It looks like you're not using Posts, only Pages - I had the same problem on a Wordpress.com blog and the way I "resolved" it was by making up a fake Post and setting that as the Posts page. I have no idea why that worked or what causes the problem though.
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Oops - to clarify, this is if you've selected "Static" pages for Front Page Displays.
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Response by poster: estherbester, you are a savior! many thanks.
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It looks like this has been solved, but you probably could "fix" this by setting up a missing.html page in your root. That is how Dreamhost hands 404s.
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