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I've been using Photoshop on and off since the early 90s, and now I want to learn GIMP. It's the little things that are making me crazy...anyone know of a good tutorial that won't bore someone already gets image manipulation and just needs to know x in photoshop = y in GIMP?
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There's of course GimpShop, which makes Gimp look and behave more like Photoshop. It could ease the transition.
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Its been a while since I tried it but I found gimpshop to be very buggy and unstable which is a shame because it really helps PS users find what they're trying to do in GIMP, but even so, IMHO GIMP is a pale imitation and just too frustrating for a long time PS user.
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Best answer: I was in the same situation not too long ago. Learning GIMP was required as part of a class I was taking, but I was an experienced Photoshop user. The transition was frustrating but not terrible, once I got the hang of it.

Here's some resources that might help get you started. They're not specifically tutorials, but many of them link to quality tutorials.
* Can GIMP replace Photoshop? Buyer's Guide in Content creation Reviews at - Page 1.
* GIMP vs Photoshop.
* Gimp vs. Photoshop | GRIMTHING.COM.
* The Linux Advocate: GIMP vs. Photoshop - What still needs to be done?

For the class I mentioned, I created two tutorials that compared GIMP and Photoshop by completing the same task in both programs (creating a "Web 2.0" type button). I'd be happy to post the links to those tutorials or to mefi mail them to you if you're interested.
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