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What is the best reference (book, class, web tutorial) for learning how to use PhotoShop in web design, specifically the creation of headers?

I took a class online to learn Dreamweaver and bought the book "Dreamweaver CS5, the Missing Manual," but I still needed additional training in creating header designs. I'm sure most professionals use Photoshop to layout their design and create visually attractive headers. Any guidance will be appreciated.
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I'm not sure what you're exactly looking for in terms of headers, but here are 70 text effect tutorials and 100 general Photoshop tutorials.
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The type of header you design will be dependent on whether your page is fixed or fluid, so you should keep that in mind. [Self-link, but somewhat helpful, I hope - you've also reminded me to write a tutorial just for PhotoShop that will work with the linked lesson(s)]
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Best answer: If you think you will need enough additional tutorials to justify the cost, I've found and safari books online to both be super-duper useful. For example, with safari, you could take all the suggestions people give you here for books and access them online for like 30 bucks a month (I forget the actual amount).
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Best answer: In the nicest possible way, you appear to be mistaking one thing for another. Photoshop is a tool -- it doesn't make you creative any more than a set of scalpels makes you a surgeon.

If you had reached the point where you knew you wanted to make a certain type of image -- a design which looked like smoke, say, or which used a spiral, or had translucent images overlaid on each other, you could come here and ask specifically about those techniques: "How do I get a smoke effect in Photoshop?" and so on.

But you appear to be asking a more general question, "how do I make attractive and creative designs" which is in essence, nothing to do with Photoshop.
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Response by poster: You are correct about Photoshop as a tool and I do need to be more specific. I want to create a header with the words, "Toledo Campus Ministry" and a graphic that includes the Jerusalem cross. I'm not sure about the background.
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Response by poster: I checked out both and Safari Online. I especially like the looks of and a course by Tanya Staples entitled, "Photoshop CS2 for the Web Essential Training."
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