Turn of dates in iWeb 08
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How do I get rid of the date showing up in iWeb 08 blogs? In iWeb 06 you could easily turn them off, I remember, allowing you to use the "blog" template for all sorts of other kinds of non-dated subdirectory webpages.

What I'm talking about just to clarify is that under the title of each blog entry on your main blog page in the '08 version will show up the date or time in some form. You can choose different versions of it (i.e. March 4th, 2008 as opposed to 3/4/08) but I can't seem to turn it off! Any hints or hacks?
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Okay, I figured out a cheesy answer to this one, for future reference: make a colored rectangular box with no frame and simply paste it over the date! Ha. The stupid tricks Apple makes us go through, thank you.
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