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Recommend a General Practitioner in Chico California.

I've done a bit of reading on Metafilter concerning finding a good practitioner. From the reading it seems asking about a specific location is the last step people take to "check around" about doctors in their area. I feel comfortable going out and doing the leg work of "interviewing" doctors, but I wouldn't be doing the due diligence for myself if I didn't post about it here.

So my question is twofold: Can anyone recommend a good doctor in the Chico Area (South of Redding north of Sacramento - for the curious) that I can use as a GP? And, related to that, if you were looking for a brand new doctor what characteristics would be most important for you?

The second questions required some explanation. During my reading I've found that the majority of the respondents recommended finding a doctor that was "right for you", but I have no idea what would be right for me. I haven't been to a doctor in at least 5-7 years due mainly to having shitty college health insurance and not having anything "seriously wrong" with me. Now I have some pretty nice insurance I want to exploit as much as humanly possible. But, I need some advice on what makes a good doctor. E.g. Good bed side manner, likes to throw around numbers, not a schmuck, etc. Hearing about what other people think is important for their own doctors would help me identify which traits I would like most.

Thanks in advance.
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Huh. Weird timing.

Before I moved I loved my GP, mostly because he would actually have a dialog with me about my problems. We'd discuss it, how I wanted to fix it, what I was comfortable with, etc. I've had other GP's that just wanted to write a script and get me out the door as fast as possible after laying a generic diagnosis on me. That's what's important to me, someone who treats me like a patient that he knows and not a customer.
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