University Restaurant in Spain
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I need to get a high-resolution (1 MB) photograph of any university restaurant in Spain for an article I'm writing. I had a contact fall through on me at the last minute and need something fast. I've searched some image data banks online and have drawn a blank. Anyway, I'd prefer something original, not stock. Any ideas? I thought about paying a student a bit of money to take a photograph. Problem is, I don't know any university students in Spain.
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Uff, difficult mission, hazyjane, Spanish universities are deserted right now, except for summer curses (which are expected to finish today). If it were june or setember I would help you (I am teaching in a technical college once a week), but today is 30th of July in Spain... that means massive scape!
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matteo may not spot this - he's in spain, you should get in touch.
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Maybe contact a newspaper in Madrid or Barcelona? They've got photographers who might be sympathetic to someone on a deadline.
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Yeah, student newspapers are ideal for this kind of project.
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I have a friend in Barcelona who's a good photographer. Since he doesn't know you, he would probably want to be paid something for the effort, but he would probably do it. Email me if you are still looking.
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