How to heal dem bones, dem bones, dem broken bones?
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I managed to break my right ring finger in a cycling accident (completely clean break between knuckles) and now have pins in for ~3wks. I'm interested in finding out what foods, supplements, etc I should be looking at to help speed up the healing/mending process – *or* – even ones I should be avoiding.
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Best answer: I had the same injury around 5 years ago, except in my left pinky finger.

I didn't change up my diet during the time, nor was I advised to. I ate a fairly standard diet in lines with typical RDAs and took a multivitamin. I did have daily calcium through dairy (mostly yogurt), but I can't imagine it was substantially more than the RDA. I didn't avoid carbonated beverages.

Similar to you, my pins were in for just under three weeks. A pin became infected in the end, which led to slightly early removal (which, just to warn you, was a one-second operation involving the words "let me take care of that" and a quick yank. Ach!)

As encouragement, I got 90% of the range of motion back in the finger after a couple of months of PT, and a couple of years after the fact, it's at 100%. You'd never know the bone was severed. I can even crack my knuckles on that finger now!
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I think homeopathy is coodoo magic, but people swear by Arnica Montana
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pixie dust
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Your diet is not going to affect the healing process one way or the other, unless it's sufficiently bizarre as to negatively affect your health generally.

I know it would be nice to be told that eating some particular herb or pill or obscure vegetable will make you heal faster, but there just isn't anything like that.
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Calcium 1000-2000 mg/day and vitamin D 800 units/day.
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There's nothing that will do this. Physical therapy, if recommended, could.. but when I broke my 5th metacarpal (also cycling) in a similarly clean break, I got my Ti plate installed and waited a few months to regain my range of motion. Time's the healer.
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I second the people who suggest calcium and vitamin D. Here's my hand a few years ago.
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FWIW, green tea very much enhances the body's natural ability to fight disease. Not that that specifically would help your bones, aside from just making your body stronger as a whole in order to take care of business.

A guy I know was recently diagnosed w/ prostate cancer and scheduled surgery 6 or so months out from the date of the diagnosis. In the meantime, he essentially cut dairy, bad fats, and refined sugar from his diet and started guzzling 8 to 10 cups of green tea daily. Within 3-4 months, his PSA results had changed so dramatically that surgery was no longer really even an option, due to the fact the cancer was essentially stopped and/or moving backward.

Crazy stuff. I started drinking it.
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I think homeopathy is coodoo magic, but people swear by Arnica Montana

Arnica is a perfectly respectable herbal medicine. It contains helenalin which has been shown to be a good topical anti-inflammatory, especially for bruises. Homeopathic remedies containing Arnica are going to contain a miniscule amount of the herb and are used in a different way.
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Avoiding pop and caffeine may help although with a broken finger it's not likely to be a big deal. Make sure you get enough vitamin C - it helps your body utilize the extra calcium everyone is recommending.

There have been some studies that show that ibuprofin and other nsaids, more specifically COX-2 inhibitors, interfere with bone growth. When I broke my ankle a few years ago my orthopod said acetaminophen or narcotics but not nsaids. (This was a nuisance!) Hopefully you're not in a lot of pain so this is moot.
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Response by poster: What's in the carbonation that has a negative impact? I don't do corn syrup, but I do consume club soda and seltzer, plus a sucralose-charged Monster energy drink almost daily. No Coke/Pepsi, et al, but I also get my daily Americano in.

I kinda figured there was no magic, but the advice and ideas so far are great. Much appreciated!

This is my finger, btw:
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