Asian Grocery Item Needs ID
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Help me identify this Asian grocery item. An old roommate of my current roommate left this item in the cupboard, and I have no way to get a hold of them to ask about it. The package is yellow with all Asian language text of some sort. There is a picture of some beans and nuts. Inside are individual packets that seem to contain crushed seeds and/or nuts. What is this product, and what is it used for? i was just going to open it up and sprinkle on my oatmeal in the morning?
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It's a Korean something. Just guessing, but you're probably right in guessing it's seeds/nuts/whatever meant for adding to other dishes.
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It's definitely Korean. What is says, I'm not sure, but it looks like an Asian analogue to mixed nuts. Try opening it and looking— it'll probably be self-explanatory.
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My Korean officemate brought something that looks very similar. If yours is the same stuff, then it's a powder to be mixed with hot water to make a peanut-flavored hot drink.
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It says walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, and the last word is a kind of tea made from grain. My guess is that it's a milky drink.
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(update- the characters on the box I have are identical, so yeah.. it's the same stuff)
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I think it might be rice seasoning. Like Japanese Furikake.
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I guess it is tea.

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It says "Hodu-Amondu-Jat Yulmu-cha."

Yulmu-cha is a Korean tea made with Job's Tears (as with most Korean ingredients, you can find other English names for it. I've seen "adlay tea" used as well, but not as much as Job's Tears). Sometimes nuts and other ingredients are included as well (like this walnut yulmu tea). It's generally creamy with a nutty flavor. This one specifically contains walnuts (hodu), almonds (amondu), and pine nuts (jat).

On top next to the "logo" (stylized "cha"/tea in hanja [Chinese characters]) it says "Damtuh" which is the manufacturer's name.
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kkokkodalk has it. It's a creamy tea that has nuts in it, which give it a nice texture. Try some, you're in for a treat :D
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Tried it tonight, not bad, not as great as I would have hoped. Did like the texture of some of the nuts floating on top, and settling to the bottom for those final sips. Thanks for the info.
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Try two teaspoons of sugar. :) I treat the stuff like hot chocolate. Yummy malty comforting sit by the fire with a good book beverage.
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