Organic Nuts and Seeds Quality
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What's a good online/mailorder source for organic nuts and seeds? A google search turns up a few results, but it doesn't give you an objective look at the quality and freshness of their product. Any experiences you could share?

Mainly interested in Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, Walnuts
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Best answer: I have never had a bad order from They ship really quickly too. The quality is way better than I can find locally. I frequently buy organic raw mixed nuts from them and they are always super fresh.
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I was going to come here and recommend but I see that they've become Excellent customer service, good quality, and fast shipping.
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Strong third for (and I'm glad to see the name change that accurately represents their top-of-the-fieldness).
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Response by poster: OK then, I guess this question turned into a big ad for Not my intention, but thanks.
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