Can I make Cool Edit 2000 work again?
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Abandonware filter: I'm a user of shareware called Cool Edit 2000. The instance of Windows where I have it installed went insane. I can't just re-register it, 'cause it needs to connect to, which doesn't exist anymore: Adobe bought it, and no longer supports Cool Edit 2000 per se.

Is there any hope of my being able to replicate registry entries appropriately to make it work again?

To elaborate, here's what I've got:

A hard drive that used to be the primary/boot hard drive for a Windows 2000 system that had a registered Cool Edit 2000, but whose instance of Win2K went insane and would crash minutes after booting, at best. It's now the secondary drive on a machine with a new primary hard drive running a fresh, still sane, instance of Win2K.

The original installation file for Cool Edit 2000, and a registration key.

No way to get a newly set-up instance of Cool Edit 2000 to accept the key.

There's probably a way to replicate the original's registry entries (and maybe various secret files) for the new instance to make the latter think it's registered. The question is whether it's plausible to figure this out.
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Search for a file called "ce2kreg.exe". This is the file used to register the software, and you should have been sent this when you originally registered (The registration process gave me a link to the ce2kreg file. If you can't find this file, then contact Adobe. If that doesn't work, then email me.
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There are plenty of easy ways to get a slightly less than legal version of Adobe Audition 1.0 (Cool Edit Pro rebranded, after they bought it), which will do everything Cool Edit 2000 did, and (in my experience), be a lot more stable.
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Did you buy CE2K? I've installed my purchased copy on each computer I've upgraded to for the last 4 years, and all I've ever needed was the install executable, my licence key and ce2kreg.exe. It just wants to contact syntrillium for application updates, I think.

I'm quite sad that Adobe owns such fine software now.
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Yeah, I bought it. The clue I was missing was needing ce2kreg.

Thanks seanyboy, cmonkey.
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Woo hoo! After crawling through the darkweb for ce2kreg, my CE2K is up and running. I even found my serial number for the Noise Reduction plug-in.

Thanks again!
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