Stripping audio from .avi videos
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I am trying to strip audio from digital video clips I've captured, and having no success. The captured clips are in .avi format, and my sound editing software is CoolEdit 2000. [more inside]

I'm using Pinnacle Studio 7, and I can take the .avi file then save it as an .avi with audio only, or an .mpa with audio only, but these files have ticking noise or are complete noise when I open them in CoolEdit. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better tool to use?

The essential gist of what I want to do is to take an interview of someone, then strip and clip the audio so I can use it to add to slideshows / montages of photos and such. I am planning to do personal biography-type movies for people.
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Use the free Virtual Dub. Open the avi file from which you want the sound, select "file>save WAV" and specify a folder. You'll have a wav file that you can edit as-is in whatever sound editing program that you like.
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Response by poster: Thank you, Mayor Curley! Works like a charm. I am much obliged to you, sir.
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