Transcripts of DNC convention speeches
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I need to find written transcripts of the speeches given at the Democratic National Convention. I know the speech texts are being given to the press in advance, 'cause a number of the bloggers have mentioned getting them, but I can't seem to find a central spot on the web where they're being published. I've found Howard Dean's on Democracy For America - anyone have any idea where I can find the rest? (The DNC wasn't any help)
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There's an official convention website. It has transcripts (2nd box, middle column).
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There are some here, and some here as well - for the CNN link, you could just change the date in the url to find more. The CNN transcripts have commentary by Wolf Blitzer and Judy Woodruff, and show when the audience applauded and laughed, which is sort of amusing. The dems2004 site is just the speech, and nothing but the speech, ma'am.
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Response by poster: Thank you!
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Response by poster: ... er, perhaps I spoke too soon.

One of the speeches I need a transcript of is last night's speech by Barack Obama, which doesn't seem to be either of these places - anyone have any other ideas?
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Best answer: first link in Google search for "Obama transcript". :)
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Best answer: Jessamyn has a copy of it too - that's a lot of typing she's doing over there.
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Response by poster: first link in Google search for "Obama transcript". :)

But not even in the top ten for "Barack Obama" Transcript.

Thanks, everyone!
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we get almost all of the speeches in our email, often embargoed until the speeches are actually given. Please check the speeches directory [you can guess the link from the link up top there] for whatever's current and DO NOT LINK to ones that haven't been given yet.
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