Make plastic look new?
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How can I clean the plastic of a cellphone that has become matte again without ruining it?

On my phone the place where your ear goes, and the keys are now shiny from ear oil and fingerprint oil/sweat. I personally make sure that my hands are not greasy from other things when I touch the phone and have had it for only a few months. What can I do to stop this shininess problem?
Also, does my obsession of never ever having hands that are the least bit greasy (from things like french fries, etc) touch my phone actually doing anything? Will the grease just "wash out" or does it harm the plastic? If the oil does not do it, what does?
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First try just rubbing the plastic with a piece of tissue. If that isn't enough to do the trick, try something like computer/car dashboard wipes. These contain alcohol which will probably be enough to remove any stubborn grease.

I think you need to learn to live with the fact that as an animal with normal, healthy skin, you secrete a certain amount of oil, and it's bound to leave temporary marks on your cellphone. Incidentally, if you had incredibly dry skin (e.g. eczema) as I do, you'd find that you'd rarely have this problem, but to be honest I'd rather have to wipe my phone...
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They may be shiny because you've worn the plastic smooth, so don't be too grossed out :)
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That's not oil or grease. You've just polished it.
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(and maybe worn off some paint).
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