How to split a Wii to different TVs
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Help make Mario Kart visible!

This question is similar to my previous question. I bought Mario Kart Wii and have had people playing it with me and it is just too small with 4 people. Buying a bigger TV is out of the question but a few friends have extra TVs.

Is there anyway to split the signal to different TVs so that each player has there own screen?
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Is the 100 inch tv projector a possibility?

I have no experience with this, but it might be worthwhile.
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The simple answer is 'no'.

The more complicated answer is that yes, it is possible to split a TV signal in such a way, but doing so is likely to require equipment that is far more expensive than buying an absolutely enormous TV.
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From the looks of my google fu, this doesn't seem to be a possibility without multiple game consoles or some really fancy (read: expensive) equipment. The only thing that I could think of would involve running the system through a computer with a program that would itself split the images up. Even if you were to, say, treat an extra TV as an extended monitor, and then somehow shift the display so that two were on each screen, you'd have to stretch everything to size, which would be a nightmare. That's the work of some elegant programing that might cost a bundle. Your best bet, IMHO, would be to look into how one can make a video display across a number of televisions, like you see at some television stores. The downside would be stacking the televisions on top of each other, and the image might have gaps in it.

Then again, I'm not expert, these are just some ideas. Let's hope that someone below proves me utterly wrong!
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Probably the cheapest solution for this would be for your friends get their own Wii's and play you online.
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BobbyDigital - great idea! Some of the Wii games allow networked play - for example on Endless Ocean you can install two Wiis in the same room and have the two virtual divers swim with each other.

But as Mario Kart is a wi-fi online networked game, you can have your friends with Mario installed on several Wiis, each with their own TV. These players can either be in the room with you, or indeed in other rooms in other cities.
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I could swear that there was a project going around a while ago that did something exactly like this -- it split four subsections of a single screen to four other televisions. I'll dig around and see if I could find this.
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Here. (warning: eye-bleeding text)

I was misremembering it a bit. There's no setup details, however, and it used $2000 worth of equipment circa 2003. So, it's possible, but I don't know how hard it'd be.
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