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The AC Adapter for my laptop (Dell Inspiron B120) just crapped out. Where in Houston can I find a replacement for a decent price?

It doesn't have to be a Dell one but I can't afford $130 for a universal one either. I was hoping $50 or less.
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Ebay? My laptop adaptor is supposed to cost $80 new (from a toshiba), but I've seen mine for $40, so you can probably get just as good.
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Response by poster: Problem with ebay/amazon is I have to wait. I really need one by Monday.
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First place I'd visit is Fry's.
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I'd suggest MicroCenter or maybe EPO. EPO is closed Sundays though.
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This one will work with your laptop and is only $25.62 ( I bought an adapter for my Dell laptop when it died last year.
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I don't think you'll be able to get one locally for under $50. My suggestion would be to buy the universal 70W Targus brand at Fry's (about $80), then order a proper one from somewhere else and return the Targus when you get it (Fry's == very liberal return policy).

I just went through the exact same thing in the past week. Watch out if the Targus says "power only" next to your laptop model; that means it will only power the computer, not charge the battery, and also the computer will run at the minimum possible speed.
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make sure you can return it, as mentioned above. In my experience with Dells, when it no longer accepts AC power, it is always the motherboard. I went through sending back to Dell for a new AC adapter, to no avail.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I am going to try Fry's and Microcenter today. If it is a no go then I will buy the one from Amazon.

Good to know drjimmy11. I know it accepts AC power because I have an old power adapter (that was chewed on by my dog and repaired) that works with it.
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It's also worth a quick look on Craigslist. I had the same issue a few years ago and was able to get an identical Dell AC adapter within 4 hours for less than $30. (This was in NYC, though.)
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