How do I switch stylists within a salon?
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So what's the protocol on switching stylists within a salon?

I've been getting my hair cut by J for about 6 months now, and I'm a pretty big fan of what he does, but this week I had to make a last minute appointment and the receptionist said "J is booked, would you like to see S?," and so I did. I'm not sure they conveyed to J that I tried to make an appointment with him, because when I went in it seemed like he was trying to avoid talking to me. Turns out, I like S better and I would kind of like to switch to her permanently. Is this kosher? Is there a protocol? What can I do to be nice about it instead of coming off like an asshole?
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I find out what day my "regular" stylist is off and then I make an appointment with the new one on that day. I know I'm a coward, I can't help it.
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The next time you make an appointment just request S. If you've treated J fairly and tipped him properly you're under no obligation to make appointments only with him.
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If you sneak around, then it'll be worse. You aren't cheating on J and seeing another stylist on the sly. You're changing service providers. If you're weird about it, then everyone will feel weird. Just show up and see the stylist you like.

You should always smile and greet J too. He did a good job for you; treat him like a professional.
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I have stylist switching paranoia even when it's not within the same salon. Really, it makes my palms sweat to think that my own stylist might see me leaving my new salon with a fresh one. However, my new stylist was recently assuring me that any self-respecting, non-crazy stylist wouldn't take that kind of thing personally because there are many considerations that go into who you let cut your hair and if they take their profession/vocation/art seriously they would respect their clients' decisions. So, I guess I don't think you need to worry about "coming off like an asshole." Just keep being a nice person. If you just start booking the new person, the previous one will get the hint and probably not think you're a bad person.
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If they're professionals, it doesn't matter.

If they're queens, it doesn't matter.

Just do it. They'll deal.
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Because I tend towards the drama queen side of the hairstylist universe, I've been known to switch salons rather than deal with snippy snipsters. Now I have a colorist that I would follow across the country, but she'll often do my color and then pass me along to another stylist that specializes in long curly hair.

It was such a joy to go somewhere where everyone was a professional and the goal of the establishment was to make *me* happy, rather than feeding their own egos.

You are not being unreasonable to choose the service provider that gives you the service you prefer. And 6 months of seeing another stylist isn't enough time for J to get snippy, and if does, then you just have to ignore it, and realize that he'll be gone soon, as prima donnas have a pretty limited shelf life unless they own the joint.
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How often do you get your hair cut? 6 months isn't a long time, how many appointments have you had with J? Doesn't seem like its long enough for J to consider you a regular. If you're really bothered, do what Tullyogallaghan suggests and go on J's day off.
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