Help my friend plan an EUROventure
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Help plan an Euro Delivery of a new BMW trip.

A friend of mine is taking an adventure for a Euro Delivery of his 2008 BMW 335IX, as he has more money than brains.

That aside; his itinerary looks like this

Arrive: Munich, Germany (5/23, 3:30 PM Local Time)

Departure Options: Munich, Frankfurt, Brussels, Rottenberg, Amsterdam

Length of Stay: ~7 days

Budget: ~5,000

Details: Mid twentys preppy friend of mine will land in Munich Germany, take a quick tour of the BMW factory, and speed off in his brand new 2008 BMW 335I. He has 7 days and $5000 to burn with his father. He has to return the car to one of the above listed locations. He would like to possibly visit Prague, Berlin, and Hamburg, but has no specific ambitions.

Any thoughts on "must sees", or awesome things to goto, or visit with a brand new 335I?
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Bimmerfest ED (Euro Delivery) forums

Bimmerfest ED forums

Two best resources on the Internet for this.
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The green hell.

That is all.
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Don't go to Rottenburg.

Most of the rest of your points are north of Munich. Before heading north, it might be good to go to the Black Forest, and drive the E35, or better yet, the old wien road from Baden-Baden to Weil am Rhein. He could follow the Rhine Valley north from there, for a day or two, through Mannheim, Weisbaden, Mainz, Koblenz, and Köln (Cologne). From Mainz north to Köln, he would be in the Castle District, which is pretty scenic, particularly around Rudesheim. After a day in Köln, he could head east for Berlin, which is a 1/2 day drive (less if he opens it up) and spend a day or two there, before heading back west, but north by west for a day in Amsterdam, dropping off the car for shipment, before heading home.

I don't know about suggesting Nürburgring for your friend with a new BMW; not a place where a kid with more money and car than sense should really be headed, but if he and his Dad are headed there anyway, you won't need to suggest it, and can't talk them out of it.
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