Where's the beef?
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Where can I get a great roast beef sandwich in Boston?

The wife and I love the roast beef sandwiches from Bill & Bob's, Kelly's, Jimmy's and even Toula's. Problem is, we live in Roslindale and we don't want to drive all the way to the Saugus, Lynn, Andover, Georgetown, Revere, or Natick to get really good roast beef sandwiches. Are there any really awesome roast beef sandwiches to be had in Boston, Brookline, Newton, Quincy, Milton or the near South Shore? I know about Chowhound and Yelp, but I'm looking for recommendations from MeFites based on their own experiences.
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Liberty Bell on Broadway near D st in South Boston.
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I was just about to say Liberty Bell too, and then I looked up and there it was. They have the type of roast beef sandwich with the sauce etc. like the places you mentioned above. The King Beef is just like a Kelly's roast beef sandwich.

If you like deli roast beef sandwiches, Zaftig's in Brookline (on Harvard Street) makes a killer one, plus their french fries are absolutely the best I've ever had.

Finally, if you like French dip, go to The Sevens on Cambridge Street in Beacon Hill. Piled high yummy roast beef on a really nice roll with a big cup of au jus, with a nice scoop of delicious potato salad on the side.

Yes, I am the roast beef queen :-)
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Granted, it's a bit more upscale than the old Buzzy's Fabulous Roast Beef -- Clink (in the new Liberty Hotel, built on the site of Buzzy's and adjacent to Mass. General) serves "REMEMBER BUZZY'S" (barbecue beef, roast beef, lemon poppy slaw).
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Chacarero! Not your average roast beef sandwich, but instead an Argentine delight with beef, green beans, guacamole, and salt and pepper. There's a reason why this place has a line out the door at lunchtime.
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Just outside Boston, there is now a Kelly's in Medford on Revere Beach Parkway.
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seconding the chacarero love. deeeelish. probably you can have one between the two of you - they're gigantic.
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