Seatec Astronomy?
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In the movie Sneakers (1992), there is a mysterious corporation the protagonists are investigating called Seatec Astronomy...(tiny spoiler inside)

There is a pivotal scene where Redford et al. put down Scrabble tiles and spell out the name 'Seatec Astronomy', and then start rearranging the letters to discover that the name is an anagram of 'No More Secrets', and the company is in the business of cracking codes.

Except here's the rub: Seatec Astronomy is not an anagram of No More Secrets. It is an anagram of "Anatomy-o-Secrets" and "O, a so many a Secrets", but not "No More Secrets".

Am I remembering this movie incorrectly, or did the movie makers just not care enough to have a working anagram?
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Best answer: IIRC

Setec Astronomy was an anagram of "too many secrets"
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I think you might be misremembering..the tiles are rearranged to spell "Too Many Secrets", not "No More Secrets".
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Damn, I even hit preview.
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Yeah, you're misremembering 2 things: 1, it was SETEC, not SEATEC, and 2, it was TOO MANY SECRETS.
I love that movie.
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For next time, Wikipedia would have had the answer to this question.
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yeah everybody's got it. man I miss River Phoenix.
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Response by poster: thanks all. Seriously, I spent an embarassing time googling for an answer. Smacking forehead for not thinking of Wikipedia first.
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It's too many secrets, and the reason I know that is because there's an article in Mother Jones this issue about patches for secret projects on military uniforms. One has "Seatec astronomy" on it.
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still the best cyberpunk movie.
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what a great movie
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"Cootys Rat Semen!"

Seriously, that moment was an in joke with my brother and me for ever. Actually it still is.
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"Cattle mutilations are up."

Yeah, I loved that movie too.
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"The young lady with the Uzi. Is she... single?"
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“My name is Werner Brandis. My voice is my password. Verify me.”

Good movie.
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I leave message on your service, but you do not call!!!
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"Oh, yeah, that's where NASA faked the moon landings." Love that movie - excellent cast & writing.
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My mother no longer asks me what I want for my birthday or christmas because I always answer "peace on earth, and goodwill towards men."

While I am sad to not be able to deliver the joke anymore (not that she got the reference...) it IS the desired effect....
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The Holy Trinity: WarGames, Hackers and Sneakers.
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The Holy Trinity: WarGames, Hackers and Sneakers.

Prime Risk beats them all, hands down.
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CWRU film society, weirdos that we are, spent several months after the Sneakers showing last year coming up with new anagrams for that phrase. We somewhat recently switched to "the cake is a lie", which, so far, has been fairly disappointing as far as entertaining anagrams go.
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"Don't forget to go real slow!"

"I cannot kill my friend. [to henchman:] Kill my friend."
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