Please suggest some great house music mixes.
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Please point me in the direction of some outstanding house music mixes. I'm looking for full-set live mixes by DJs of various artists.

My taste skews to artists from the late 90s and early 2000s with a heavy dose of French, and I like it really upbeat without being campy. My favorites include Etienne De Crecy, Cosmo Vitelli, Mylo, Daft Punk, Supa Channel, Dance or Die, Cassius, Kid Loco, Justice. I'm looking for mixes I can download for free, please. Thanks for any suggestions.
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Thanks, brautigan. I'm hoping for some suggestions for specific mixes so I don't have to wade through gigabytes trying to find what I like.
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Gloomybear's Pink is the New Black
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Old but this Sasha/Dave Seaman compilation still does it for me. I was humming some of the melodies the other day. Catchy! And well worth the $4.44.
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2nding mixriot. It used be free (and called freshly mixed) but now I think it's 5 bucks for a month. They have pretty much every Radio 1 Essential Mix (a weekly 2hr set by guest DJs). For what you're specifically looking for, you might want to try the 4hr Air mix, broadcast over two weeks in 1998, or indeed the Justice set from last year. This site has the tracklistings of all the Essential Mixes.
(Disclaimer: a lot of the mixes are crap. But there's some absolute gems in there too eg Trentemoller, Richard Dorfmeister, Optimo, Alex Wolfenden)
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Oh, and here's the Justice Xmas mix - free!

And if you like that, you'll probably like this Cut Copy So Cosmic mix - also free!
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The recently released Fabriclive.36, by James Murphy and Pat Mahoney, is the best house music mix CD I've ever had the pleasure to listen to.
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Sounds like you might like this: Daft Punk, live at Twilo in 1998.
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Hope it's okay to just link you to a couple of mixes that meet your generic, but not specific criteria (ie house, but not necessarily French). These all come highly recommended:

Todd Terje Iron Kukkurru mix
Todd Terje Resident Advisor mix (free registration for access)
Fleep (loads of mixes, mostly upbeat or deep US house)

Don't want to swamp you in stuff, so see how you get on with these, and email me if you want more reccommendations.
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The Mixing Bowl is a torrent tracker that has exactly this sort of thing. The ones I have downloaded tend to be radio ripped, so I assume it's more or less legal. Anyway I suggest it, because it has an essential mix of Mylo that will blow your socks off if you haven't heard it. I'd also reccomend black strobes essential mix which is also there.

Also- I think there was a link on the front page a while ago with downloads of all of the essential mixes.
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Thanks, brautigan. I'm hoping for some suggestions for specific mixes so I don't have to wade through gigabytes trying to find what I like.

Try those by Fred Everything, Miles Maeda, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Justin Long, Miss Honey Dijon, Lawnchair Generals, Joshua, Iz & Diz, Brett Johnson, Johnny Fiasco, Boo Williams for starters...
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Here is a goldmine of Daft Punk mixes, some as old as 1996(!).
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I like b00mb0x and Blentwell but you do have to look around for what you want. DJ Mitzura has a new mix on b00mb0x that looks like it might do you good:

Dj Mitzura - This One’s Gonna Getcha

01. Daft Punk ~ Da Funk / Daftendirekt
02. Acid Jacks ~ Disco Shoes (Electrixx Mix)
03. Fdel ~ Get Up On Ya Feet
04. Le Pimp ~ Le Rock non Stop (Freddy Fresh Remix)
05. Groove Armada ~ Superstylin’
06. Dj Stew ~ Funky Fresh (Shake-n-Breaks Mix)
07. Prince ~ When Doves Cry (unidentified bootleg remix)
08. Drummatic Twins ~ Le Funky
09. Darft Phunx, Andy Mcallister ~ We’re Here To Rock (Grand Def Audio Remix)
10. Static Revenger, The Mullet Men ~ Long Time
11. Fatboy Slim ~ Everybody Loves A Carnival
12. DJ Pumphead, Dennis Siemion ~ Fuckin’ Famous (Breakbeat Mix)
13. Richard Dinsdale ~ Sniffin
14. Scanty Sandwich ~ This One
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The wikipedia page for French House is pretty good actually. If you like that filter-style of house that is often associated with French producers, I'd recommend Alan Braxe, Kris Menace, and Martin Solveig.
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