The Economics of Financial Domination
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How do financial dominatrices make their money?

A comment on AskMefi some time ago talked about financial dominatrices, and I've been fascinated by their business ever since. From what I could gather, all they have to do is put up a website saying "You worship me! Give me money and stuff because I know you want to!" - and it works. One site had her Internet bills paid off. Many ask for regular tithes and offerings, and have application processes.

How does this work? From what I could tell, the buyers don't actually get anything back for their cash - it's up to the dominatrix if she wants to give them something or not. (Usually they don't bother.) It's not like she's selling pictures or anything (though I did see one with videos) - it pretty much seems like they're paying money because it gets them off.

How does one get established in the financial dominatrix business? Is there some sort of Financial Dominatrix Directory where they get listed and people just scroll through to see who they like? How do they get attention, and how do they get people to pay? Are there any male dominators, or any women that would pay for such "services"? How would you keep your identity secret to collect cash (and avoid a situation like this mess - link NSFW)?

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Response by poster: b1tr0t: bahaha. But how do people know they exist in the first place? It seems a little out of character for them to go "VISIT MY WEBSITE AND PAY ME! I need the money!"...
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Response by poster: Google, but I only heard about the term from MeFi and was curious about it. Do people actually go looking for "financial dominatrix"? How'd they choose which to give? How does a relatively newer person get themselves higher on Google's list?
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Sending out the address is SPAM.
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I'm pretty sure this is just camwhoring with a different name/hook. A female and a camera can generate a pretty solid cashflow from the internet doing basically anything, including staring bored at the camera and pressing the "take picture" button.
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There are probably hundreds here. Study their techniques, emulate them, and profit.
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Men actually go looking for this. Type "financial domination" into google and there are many websites.

Some men like the humiliation that comes with having to fork over their money to a stranger. I've been told it feels like exploitation, and there are certainly many, many people into sadomasochism that are also into being exploited. Men who are into this generally believe that women are the superior gender and that men should be lowly and subservient. It is definitely a sexual fetish, even if the men never get actual or webcam sex from it (they almost never do). Most of the gifts consist of lingerie and sex toys, and many of the women have long wishlists and paypal accounts.

I can't really explain the thrill, because financial domination is not my thing, but the "victims" get some psychological satisfaction out of it or they wouldn't do it. That said, I have heard of cases where it becomes addictive, like compulsive gambling. Why do people cut themselves? It doesn't make sense on any rational level.

Women who are doing this generally don't need to advertise beyond putting up a website. Men find them. This is true of traditional dominatrices as well. It is worth noting that the "mainstream" BDSM community absolutely abhors financial domination and generally regards them as whores and poseurs. There isn't much of a gender reversal, unless you count women who have turned over their personal finances to a man in a Master/slave type relationship.
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I'm a financial dominatrix, and yes as desjardins has mentioned a lot of the real BDSM community does consider money dommes to be absolute whores which is for the most part true.

There are those of us who truly do enjoy what we do (abusing pathetic males who have a weakness for handing over their cash to superior dominant women like Myself)! I've been at this since 2003, and many girls flow in and out of the scene thinking it's a great way to get some easy cash.

For some examples of REAL financial dominatrices you can check out My financial domination site here. You can also view some prime examples of financial dominatrices on Niteflirt. It's a good place to start out if you're looking into getting into financial domination.

It is more like running a business than it is a webcam if you're going to be successful.
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