What makes a car "safe" in Ontario
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Ontario Mechanic Filter: I'm safety'ing a car tomorrow (1997 Sunfire) and I'm wondering exactly what is the guy going to be checking?

I know obvious things like Horn, Parking Brake, Lights and stuff, but what other things should I be on the look out beforehand? I have one rust hole on the bottom driver door, on the frame... Other than that the car's in good shape.

Oh and on a side question, what is the range of price for these inspections?
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Here is a painstakingly detailed list of what's covered by an Ontario safety.

If Ontario is anything like Manitoba, the price of a safety is fairly low (it's $45 here.) Apparently the labour cost to the mechanic of doing the safety is higher than that, so they lose money on it if you pass the safety with no work needed. I think you can see where I'm going with this. A safety is good for a month or so, so I try to book it at the same time as at least an oil change - that way they have less incentive to look for extra work to do on your safety.
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot! I think I may be good to go if I patch up that small, toonie sized hole somehow.
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