What do you think of the Obagi Skin System?
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Has anyone had experience with the Obagi Skin System?

I went to see a Aesthetic/Laser Center today to see what could be done about my skin, which is damaged from my old bad habits of sun, booze, and cigarettes. I also had severe acne as a teenager, and have the scars and occasional flareups now.

The doctor recommended the Obagi Skin System - either by itself or in conjunction with some laser treatments. She said it involved Retin-A and hydroquinone. I've used Retin-A before, with decent results.

I've found some reviews online, but don't know quite how real they are. So I'm wondering - was it a sales pitch, or does the system really work?
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I think that under a doctor's care, the system can work well. I made the mistake of purchasing the system online without consulting anyone. They did work to an extent (fading of some acne scars) but the products were all very heavy and seemed to make my acne worse. I also thought they were terribly expensive for a basic detergent cleanser and some moisturizing and fading agents.

I stopped using them after about two months and cleared up pretty quickly. They just weren't for me but again, with a doctor's help, I think the results can be pretty dramatic.

If you decide to use the products, order online. You can save yourself anywhere from $50 to $100 over ordering from the doctor's office.
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I have used Obagi successfully. I tend to stick with it for a few months and then go off the program for a while -- it is labor intensive! You have numerous products in sequence, twice a day. If you are diligent the results are very good (not astounding). I got bored after a while, and then went back to it recently to get rid of my kind of un-glowy winter skin. I would get the regimen in writing from your doctor and then order from eBay. It will be much cheaper. Have you tried a photo facial? A friend of mine raved about her results.
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I *love* their facial sunscreen, it has a nice feel to it. Other than that and my Retin-A, I just use Cetaphil. YMMV.
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I have not used it myself but in the course of dealing with my skin issues have consulted with four nationally recognized dermatologists, all of whom enthusiastically recommended Obagi if you can tolerate it. From what I have read online, it takes a lot of commitment to get through the beet-red/flaky/peeling/provoking-stares-from-strangers phase, but the results can be truly impressive. One of my dermatologists said she had to go off it because she just couldn't find a way to make it work for her (but she already has perfect skin so I imagine she probably wasn't that motivated to begin with).
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I have not used their products, but my cousin did- with, IMO, very noticeable, positive results.
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My mother uses their products under the supervision of her doctor. As Enroute says, her skin was kind of red, peely, and dry in the beginning. After a few months, that went away. Her skin is now very nice. Her acne scars have faded, as have her age and sun spots. My mother is in her 50s, but she looks at least 10 years younger. Her skin is beautiful and glowing (and I'm not just saying that because she's my mom :) ). The only drawback is that the products are really expensive. I think one jar of cream is like $60, and there are several creams that need to be used (which could be another drawback as well).
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