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Customizable newswire-type site with RSS feeds?

I like the Open Press site but need to get RSS feeds targeted to more specific keywords. Does such a thing exist?

For example, if I want to be able to get a feed that sends me every available story about, say, the Boston Marathon, or the Muppes, or whatever- there should be a site that lets me first configure the search to pull in the right content, then an RSS link that will allow only that content to show up where I need it.

I've searched but can't find anything. If it's right in front of me, I apologize. Thanks!
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Have you looked into Yahoo Pipes?
posted by maniactown at 12:38 PM on April 23, 2008

Best answer: You can sort of do this with Google News - Put in your search terms and then on the results page on the left there is a link for the RSS feed of those terms.

For instance:
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Response by poster: I knew it was there. Google news is just the thing. Thanks!
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