an impossible choice between my skin and my guts
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An embarrassing question regarding zinc and digestion.

I've recently started to take zinc supplements to clear up my skin. It's been working beautifully, I haven't had a new zit in two weeks. The trouble is, the zinc upsets my stomach, loosens my bowel movements and has caused me some distressingly moist farts.
I've tried taking the zinc with my biggest meal of the day and also at bedtime. Because of a potential medication interaction, I can't take the zinc in the morning. I've tried it with fibrous food and fatty food, with a big glass of water and big glass of milk. Can anyone advise on how to get my gut back in balance? I really like what zinc is doing for my skin, but don't know how long I can put up with the side effects.
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Give more information about the supplement. How much zinc? What form? What else is in there? What brand? Certified?
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Perhaps you could look at replacing the supplement with a natural source of Zinc?
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IANA Doctor, Nutritionist, etc. But maybe it might help to break up the dosage so you take less, but more frequently (i.e. instead of one 15mg capsule, take a 5mg with breakfast, lunch & dinner).

Suggested dosage seems to be around 15mg; 25mg max.

More info here, here, here.
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You may want to try taking another form of zinc. For instance, if you're taking Zinc Picolinate or Zinc Citrate try taking Zinc in the form of l-methionine (for instance this, which is what I take), or vice-versa. Not an expert of anything, just an idea...
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I am taking a multi vitamin which contains 15 mg of zinc in the form of zinc citrate, and a combination calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and zinc supplement which includes 10 mg in the form of zinc oxide.
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Calcium Citrate should firm things up. Try 1000 mg to 1500 mg a day.
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Also, looking at the references linked by ObscureReferenceMan, I can assert that my diet is not lacking in natural sources of zinc, but I definitely have seen an improvement in my skin since I started taking supplements.
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Magnesium can contribute to this problem. How much is in your supplement?
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Magnesium can contribute to this problem. How much is in your supplement?
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I second this. I had exactly the symptoms you described when I tried to take magnesium supplements. There's a reason why milk of magnesia cures constipation. Can you try something that only contains zinc?
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