Is there a cheaper phone/DSL package than Verizon in Brooklyn, NY?
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I live in Brooklyn, NY, and seem to be a slave to Verizon: a DSL/Unlimited local/regional phone package for which, with taxes, etc., runs me nearly $100/month. Has anyone figured out a way to pay less for comparable services? I've even thought of sharing a DSL or cable modem via a wireless router with my neighbor downstairs....thoughts?

And what makes it worse, I also have a Verizon cell phone--another $65/month...
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Put your data in over at DSLReports (e.g. phone number or ZIP code) and see what comes up...
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If you do go the cable route I would recommend cutting the phone company out all
together and getting a VoIP phone. I went that route a couple of years back and save a lot of money. I use Vonage. You should have no problem sharing a link with another machine.
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I second the Vonage suggestion.
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Speakeasy now offers a DSL service that doesn't require you to have phone service.

I've been happy with their service. If anyone remembers, I posted here awhile back asking about Yahool/SBC DSL, as it has such a low (introductory) price going right now. Well, I called Speakeasy and told them I was leaving b/c of the cheap competitor price, and they knocked $10 off my monthly rate and threw in a free month if I would re-up for a 12-month contract. YMMV.
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Response by poster: I just found this, still Verizon, but cheaper, by, probably $25:

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Response by poster: And what's the sound quality like with internet phone?
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I have had a few bad calls with Vonage in two years. No more than I had with SBC before. All in all VoIP has been just fine. I think the Verizon service might be fine but Vonage covers the US and Canada toll free and offers vitual numbers for just $5 a month. Not to sound like a shill for Vonage but it has been very good for me and it's not often I can say that about a company.
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Response by poster: With a Vonage-type deal, I understand you get a new phone number. Is it, at least, a local area code number?

How about some $ numbers, with tax (or, perhaps it's still not taxed...?)
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With all taxes it's $32.39. You can migrate your present number or pick another local number. You can also add virtual numbers for $5 per month. So if grandma lives lives in Florida you could get a local number there for her to call.
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Response by poster: SoThe $32.39 includes the DSL, or is in addition to it?
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I keep thinking about switching to Vonage, held back only by my hippie love of Working Assets long distance.

PP, have you thought about switching to a cable modem? It's about $40 a month, usually wrapped up in some package from TWC. Depending on how much cable programming you get, it may be worth it.

Also, do you need that much of a phone plan? Your cell phone and land line plans both seem heavy-duty. Do you need the availability of both as much as you're paying, or can you reduce your usage of one? Or, as many are doing, would you consider going mobile-only?
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PP that vonage price is your local and LD phone cost. With a cable modem it is a good deal in my area.
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