What's going on at InPassing.org?
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Does anyone know what's going on over at InPassing? It has been almost a month and a half since Eve's last post, and though there is constant discussion in the last post's comments, I don't see any mention of where Eve has gone and if InPassing is "over".

Anyone have any information as to if she has brought her eavesdropping to an end, or just on a very long vacation?
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But having such a forum can quickly become a demanding habit.

Several bloggers contacted for this story noted that their readers seem to look at their regular, consistent posting patterns as somewhat akin to a sign of physical health. And any break in that pattern is sometimes seen as a cause for alarm.

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I just assumed that work / life is keeping her from updating. I'm sure if something had actually happened the Parental Unit would have stopped posting or posted a notice.
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Response by poster: Thanks Julnyes, I assume "ParU" = Parental Unit? Didn't know that tidbit.

And yes reklaw, I think what you list is exactly what happens with sites that tend to be somewhat "regular" with content.
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My faveorite post:

"It says, 'Apply rhinestones while polish is still tacky.'"
"Great, that's fantastic, that means you can apply them any time you want. C'mon, let's go."
--Two girls talking in front of a nail polish display at Walgreens
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I had a side thing going there for, oh, one post before I realized it had nothing to do with the front page. I'm still not sure how the place works.
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