help me find a coffee mug printer who rocks!
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Anyone with personal experience printing coffee mugs? Ordered out for a few cases from a printer I would prefer not to libel, got a mushy print job in return. Can you recommend specific printers? (Especially if they can do even, opaque flat area coverage on dark mugs)

Newest Q I see on here is from 2004, I'm guessing the landscape may be somewhat different.
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I have bought imprinted mugs three times over the past 15 years with no issues. I've used a local supplier in each instance with experience in "specialty advertising." While I can recommend a supplier, unless you're in St. Louis it might not be of benefit.

When I've dealt with local suppliers, I've had the chance to refuse or return shipment if the goods are not to spec. Perhaps you have some recourse. I'm sure others will chime in with web vendors that have good track records, but for much of my specialty needs I've preferred to work local to insure quality (paper & vinyl printing excluded, for which I've had good experiences with several Internet vendors).
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I believe that CafePress is doing coffee mugs now, but I don't know how the quality and price compare to other suppliers.
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