invited to "Mac Specialist Seminar".... what should i know?
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invited to "Mac Specialist Seminar".... what should i know?

hello all, i applied for a job at the apple store on apple's website and a couple days later received an invitation to a "mac specialist seminar".

what should i know about it? what should i wear? should i bring my resume? any tips? i googled some stuff but none of it is very recent, mostly dating back to 2003. i know they want a certain type and i'm pretty sure i'm okay there (i walk in the place and fit right in) please help me and i'll love you forever :)
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Response by poster: p.s. i know my mac stuff, avid user and lover, so i'm good there too.
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Business casual, a gregarious and cool attitude, a good reason why you'll be a natural fit for the team. Know with a reasonable amount of specificity why they should want you, and why you want them. This sounds like a group thing. Cool overtakes experience.
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Response by poster: hmmm. lots to think about......
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Be able to have a conversation with anyone about anything, with the end result of them walking away feeling heard and encouraged, even. I was hired because I can talk to anyone, not because I was a mac head. Go with the mindset of listening and asking questions, not being known or asked.
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