How thoroughly should I fill out Oregon state unemployment forms?
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What's the deal with unemployment work search records?

I've been on unemployment for quite a few months now, and every day I've diligently looked for work. But some weeks I forgot to note the names of employers and the jobs I've applied for on my work search record. What are the chances of them asking to see that record, and what happens if I have gaps? I live in Oregon, if that makes any difference.
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I was on unemployment twice, once in the state of California, and once in the state of Oregon. Both experiences were more than a decade ago.

In California, I was required to provide a weekly status report of my job search. I have absolute certainty that the EDD recorded but did not do anything whatsoever with that information.

In Oregon, some years prior, I was never asked to provide documentation of my search.
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I had Missouri unemployment for almost 4 months(!). I filled out my claims online every monday. It had a drop down list asking how many jobs you applied for that week and you had to have at least 3. You just picked a number. No one ever contested or asked me anything.
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I was on unemployment for a while in Utah a couple of years ago. They would ask online how many jobs I had applied for and I kept a detailed spreadsheet of all the jobs that I applied for and the outcomes. But, no one ever asked to see it.
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I have a friend in Oregon who has been on unemployment on and off over the past few years. I don't think she has ever been audited on her job search, though I remember they wanted to check at her bank balances once.
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